#EUSuperHeroDay Campaign

We want to begin a new, forward-thinking, pro-European narrative in the UK, that celebrates our European identity and emphasises the benefits of Remaining a member of the EU. Our aim is to #StopBrexit in its tracks and make the 29th March an annual celebration of those who are working to support the EU and promote it’s values of peace, tolerance and unity. 

29th March 2018 will mark one year after Theresa May triggered Article 50 and one year until supposed “Brexit Day”.

Some people want to celebrate “Independence Day” on 29th March … But the #EUSuperHeroes Team are determined to #StopBrexit in its tracks and save the United Kingdom from certain doom. We want to make the 29th March an annual celebration known as #EUSuperHeroDay, that begins a positive narrative about the EU in the UK, and combats the dangerous, eurosceptic rhetoric of the right-wing dominated press.

Join our campaign to celebrate the efforts of all the people who have worked to create, sustain and promote the Great European Project in the UK. This year (2018) we will emphasising the work, of many dedicated Remain campaigners in their efforts to save the UK and do what is right by their fellow country men.

Let’s “Take Back Control” of our future and make 29th March a day to celebrate… #EUSuperHeroDay.

You can support the protest on Crowdfunder: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/29th-march-eu-super-hero-protest

Join the protest on 29th March 2018 in London (get in touch via the contact form for more info)

Support the campaign online by posting with the hashtag #EUSuperHeroDay on 29th March. Find out more on the Social Media campaign Page.